Do they work? WordPress and Godaddy’s SEO tools


For those of you reading this article I am sure you know about WordPress and Godaddy. You probably also aware of the benifits of Search Engine Optimization. Go daddy and WordPress offer tools that supposedly provide this service to their average user.

My main focus of this article is reviewing the reliability and value of the SEO tools offered by WordPress and Godaddy. This is a Fairly new product most people are probably not too aware of, it was recently introduced to the market. These products are labelled by WordPress as SEO Wizard and Godaddy as Search Engine Visibility (Search Engine Optimization).

Before we dive right in I would like to mention this article is designed to help you make well informed and educated decisions when it comes to building and marketing your website accordingly. Whether you have had positive or negative experiences with your WordPress or Godaddy website builder this article is meant to be fair and Objective. So Set your emotions aside.

WordPress and Godaddy pricing

There are a number of ways you can go about building a Web page, with many different hosting sites and web page builders. WordPress and Godaddy are two of the more popular hosting sites. However you can start a WordPress site through Godaddy (it still would be hosted on Godaddy), and for an extra $3.99 a month you can get what is call the SEO wizard on their deluxe package. Godaddy also offers a seperate service such as the Search Engine Visibility add-on starting at $4.99 a month. Is it really worth it?

If you take into consideration most SEO Agencies charge around $1000 to $10000 this seems like a deal too good to be true. Although there are other smaller more efficient trustworthy Search Engine Optimization Company’s that offer their services for quite a bit less for double the quality such as Front Page SEO, which is obviously the website you are probably reading this blog article on

Either WordPress and Godaddy know something we don’t or when you purchase these services your are getting exactly what you pay for, which is a seemingly 5 dollar add on that turns you into your own SEO pro. Seems a little naive which is why i have decided to write this review.

Is the Quality there?

When you first look into these products they seem to have all their bases covered. They promise to increase consumer traffic to your web site, one-click submission to all search engines, increase your web pages rankings on all search engines and the best part you are not required to do a single thing. Search Engine Optimization made easy all in one package. If you really knew much about Search Engine Optimization you would know these tools and services are hardly relevant by today’s SEO standards. In fact SEO wizard and Search engine visibility on its own is not what SEO is all about, they a merely tools to make search engine optimization a little easier. At the end of the day you still need to personally know what your doing.

It is common knowledge among many SEO specialist that search engines do not require manual submission and have not for several years, so ultimately that means the fancy “one-click Submission” tool is obsolete. The Keyword Generator, on-site optimization auditor, and simple to use sitemap generator are all fairly risky tools to use. These three tools are actually skills that are best done manually, the careless misuse of these three skills could actually have your site flagged from search engines (the opposite of what you actually want).

This leaves us with two possibilities either WordPress and Godaddy are unaware of this or they know their products are worthless with regards to their overall SEO capabilities. For me personally i believe these products are convenient and easy up-sales for them, which is unfortunate because their likely prey would be the unsuspecting small business owner who is probably unfamiliar of what search engine optimization really is.

Are seo agencies still relevant?

As a matter of fact yes they are. Search engine optimization is not a simple task and is overall time consuming, it requires the keen eye and skill of a real expert to ensure your website reaches high rankings in search engines and remain there for extended periods of time. If done with care this powerful marketing tool can elevate your business to new heights, if done poorly it could have your site flagged from search engines such as google indefinitely.

Godaddy and WordPress merely offer tools that can help you optimize your web page if you already know what your goals are and what is needed to accomplish long lasting high rankings. However these tools just simply can not provide the man-hours and creativity necessary to set your company’s website from the others. SEO is not just fancy keywords and meta-data as i have heard some self proclaimed no-it-all’s state in the past. Googles web crawlers are looking for something with unique content, the proper amount of keywords, the right back-links along with many more variables to decide which site deserves the front page. all these things cannot be fixed with simple tools and that is where companies such as front page SEO come in.

For me to sit here and list all the most important factors and what is actually needed for you to optimize your site would be the difference of me writing an article on my blog and me writing a lengthy novel. Would i recommend these tools for any of you reading this blog? Definitely not, i would recommend you contact us at Front Page SEO, we will give you a free consultation and show you exactly why you should choose us.