Importance of Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. In 2018 internet marketing is one of the more practical and cost-effective ways to capture the eye of the everyday consumer.  Yearly sales of smartphones being as high as 1.54 billion units and the sales of PC’s reaching over 200 million. It is safe to say that people have more access to the internet now than ever before. This fact highlights how important it is to have your businesses properly advertised online. One of the easiest ways to do this to start is with an intricate web-design built around your products and services.

Benefits of a website

Marketing your company with a custom built website will make it easier for you to overcome barriers of vast distances. Before the vast reaching hands of the internet, companies had to open up on site outlets in order to sell their products across the country or even continent.  This has changed things for every industry across Canada. Now is it not only important to market your business online, It is imperative in order to compete and keep your business alive. Instead of opening multiple small branches to expand your company think of a website as one giant department store that anyone can reach through the portal of their iPhone or PC. With an online e-commerce web page, you can save money multiple ways. Save money through employee costs having your store online requires less active employees to stock shelves, make delivers, maintain your building and just keep it clean. Even if you are not selling a product and you just have services to offer such as much need tradesmen, a custom website could be right for you. Having your own web page is not only a cheaper way to advertise your self as opposed to newspapers, billboards, television and radio ads. It is also an easier way to deliver a more in-depth message about what it is you can actually offer your clients to a more broad audience.

alternative e-commerce sites

There are many alternatives to having your own website if your only goal is e-commerce. Many people are finding third-party websites not only to just advertise and host their products online. companies such as Amazon also offer great services to ship and hold your products in a warehouse to help you reduce your overhead costs. This allows you to save money on building a website, hosting it, shipping products, storage and employee costs. In 2018 many people can run success e-commerce business from their living room. Inherit the benefits of already having a strong consumer base embedded in these well-established domains.  This eliminates the long process of building your own from scratch. Keep in mind with this comes enhanced competition with others who have the exact same idea. Many mainstream corporations such as Walmart offer this exact same online service for those companies who can afford their own shipping and heavy insurance costs. whether or not this is better than Amazon remains to be seen.

Advertising your e-commerce or service

Search engines and social media are the most common ways for consumers to find the product or service they require in the 21st century. whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Google these companies made large amounts of their capital through online advertising. Utilizing these online corporations, combined with your own personal websites create the most effective online marketing campaign a business could ask for. Creating social media accounts for your business is great for a number of reasons. Social media makes it easier for your satisfied customers to connect with you, Express their satisfaction and let others know how good your product/service is. Most social media platforms offer advertising campaigns that can reach their millions of users. These ad campaigns are easy to use and can range anywhere from one dollar to a couple hundred a day, depending on your budget. With Social media, you will be given a page on each platform that can point directly to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines, on the other hand, are great for helping consumers find your website directly. Social media can help give consumers an idea they did have before, search engines are for the consumers who already know what they are looking for. More people use Google to find what they need more than anything else online. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO specialist can optimize your site by using researched keywords, inputting the right metadata and creating valuable backlinks. This helps Googles web crawlers find your site and when they do, it lets them know how they should rank your website. SEO in simple English is a cost-effective way to have your website end up on the first page of google. Why is this important? 98% of all searches end on Google’s first page. When the last time you visited page two?

Creating a good online marketing campaign could be the cornerstone to the success of your company. Executing the right plan for you may not be in your skills set but fear not. There are many great SEO and online marketing agencies out there. Finding one that offers fair value may be harder than you think. Front Page SEO is one of those companies for a free consultation contact us at