Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the most valuable tool to guarantee your business is found on the front page of search engines such as Google, Amazon and Bing. Capture your target audience, utilize their keyword searches to be the first web page they click on.


What is Search engine optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the process in which one of our skilled agents can positively affect your website or web pages visibility on top online search engines. With market research, SEO utilizes keywords that are relevant to your business and most commonly used by Consumers. In layman's terms, we will increase the traffic to your website, potentially boosting your revenues by getting you on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important services in the 21st century for having your business recognized either locally, nationwide, or internationally on the web. Search engines will not just rank your web page you have to convince it to do so.

How will SEO services help me?

Now more then ever when the average consumer is in need of a service or product they turn to search engines like Google. 98% of those searches finish on page 1 of Google. Front Page SEO can take advantage of this fact by either designing you a new website or optimizing your existing domain. This is vital for ensuring those potential customers find your products or services before your competitors. SEO is a way of advertising your company online without paying for high priced ads. Increase your business by making search engines work for you.

Why should I choose front page SEO?

Unlike our competitors, we employ methods that will actually benefit your company. Our belief is that search engine optimization only helps you if we can get you on the front page of Google. Our goal is to increase your Google ranking and help you establish your business online. we are dedicated to providing a web ranking that is quality and will last without having to pay monthly fees for an extended period of time. With our proven google places/business and visionary social media management, we hope to enshrine your place at the top.

How Do you optimize my website?

First, we talk with you to decide which keyword searches you want your business to respond with. For instance "restaurants in Nanaimo",  "Nanaimo Real Estate" or 'Tradesmen in Nanaimo"(these are just examples, not specifics). We can utilize any Keywords you choose to search in Google to have your business appear first. With our market research, we can also give suggestions as to which keywords are best suited for you.

Next, we need either access to your existing domain or your authorization to customize a new website for you. Structure and quality content is important to persuade search engines to rank your page favourably. Search engines will not find you automatically, you have persuade the web crawlers to index to your website.

Finally (the hard part), building backlinks, meta tags, cleaning content and code. The "Heavy Lifting" so to speak and the most time-consuming part of our service. This is where all our skill and experience comes into play, it is also the step that creates a long-lasting effect on your top Google ranking. Arguably the riskiest part of the process if this step is not done correctly it could have a negative effect on your website. With Front Page SEO we take the risk out of the equation, provide the quality you need to ensure you reach the top and stay there.