Benefits of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, we see it everywhere on Google although you may not even realize it.  Yet so many businesses are dependent on internet advertising that SEO is starting to really take off around the world. Why do businesses need online marketing and does it help increase their visibility on the web anyway?

This is a great topic because most articles that discuss the “benefits of seo” focus just on the benefits of search engine optimization. But there are advantages to a full spectrum internet marketing that include SEO, creative web-design, social media management, and Google Places

Let’s start by looking at the three partners in internet advertising: Advertisers, SEO specialist, and Consumers.

Advertisers may be businesses, governments, non-governmental agencies (non-profits), and individual people.

Seo Specialists are the services who produce and distribute internet content, including Blogs, Social Media Managment, and offsite Search Engine Optimization. Seo Specialists may also include Bing, Google, amazon, facebook and twitter into your internet marketing strategy.

Consumers are people, although people may be influenced by internet advertising for their own purposes or to assist in operating a business or organization. Consumers therefore may be proxies on behalf of groups of people who respond to internet advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Benefits of SEO for Online Advertisers

There are four major benefits of SEO for advertisers:

  1. Announce new, interesting, or helpful information
  2. Promote political messages to voters
  3. Inform Customers of your services
  4. Engage with consumers through social media

We use SEO to announce interesting or helpful information to other people. A manufacturer of a product, a retailer, or a service provider may use seo to inform the general public about the availability of their products and services on the web. But search engine optimization can accomplish so much more, as in providing information on how to contact your business, where to find the business, And what products or services you are offering, through tools such as Google Places/Businesses.

Politicians use SEO to promote their websites and social media accounts, in order to inform potential voters what their goals and priorities are, when to meet them at rallies and other events, and also what public issues they (the politicians) feel are most important.

Tradesmen use SEO more commonly with Google Places to tell their customers how to find their services, when special offers are scheduled, and also how to contact them for free quotes or consultations.

Businesses use seo to engage with potential customers by boosting their Google presence, telling them an ongoing story about the nature and strengths of their companies and organizations. Business seo specialists also build up customer loyalty to their products and services by having a trusted placement on social media.

Advertising online through web-design can be very plain and matter-of-fact or it can be extremely creative, even entertaining. The style of a Website chosen may be decided by how competitive the industry of the product or service may be, or it could be that an SEO agency invokes creative social media ads to ensure that the public becomes aware of very important facts about your Business.

SEO Also Creates Jobs

Obviously stimulating the sale of goods and services — which is the primary function of SEO — is good for the economy. But the business of Search Engine Optimization itself has spawned many jobs including in graphic design, Web-Design, Social Media Managment, (along with all technical positions), the manufacture and maintenance of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; and so on.

Other types of jobs created by the SEO industry include the creative roles need for planning internet marketing campaigns, coordinating the resources needed to produce and distribute online ads, and supporting jobs for administrative and secondary personnel.

And then there are jobs in public relations where salesmen and spokespeople meet with the public to extend the message and even the personas promoted in popular Social Media Platforms. The McDonalds Corporation, for example, sends professional “Ronald McDonald” clowns to appear on social media platforms, He then attends public events, and to participate in children’s programs at schools, libraries, hospitals, and other social organizations that he can later Tweet about.

Special Technical jobs are also created for participating in Web design Such as Coding experts, photographers, data analysis, this all goes hand in hand with producing a creative website that commands the attention of your consumers.

SEO Serves an Important Purpose in Society

Originating as randomly written links on primitive websites such as Craigslist, SEO has become an important function in our economy and society. Its role is ever-changing but integral to the success of our organic growth on search engines, and our attention among the community toward your business.

If we did not already have SEO we would quickly invent it for digital advertising to help to bring us closer together as a global web-connected community, even overcoming many political and social barriers that continue to frustrate our goals to expand our presence online.